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You can trust us to make sure your employees consistently travel to and from work safely and on schedule. Being one of Bangalore’s top employee transport providers for over two decades and over 50 years in the travel industry  has given us rich experience to seamlessly serve you for all your transport and travel needs. We are currently operating over 1000 vehicles to help over 10,000+ employees commute to work everyday. We recently celebrated 50 years of SST in our Golden Jubilee Celebrations and are gearing up to celebrate a more successful Platinum Jubilee.

Why Us

Safety is our primary concern...

We take the safety and security of your employees very seriously.

  • All our vehicles have certified GPS enabled and are tracked regularly by our centralized operations center. You can also provide your employees’ an option to share their real time locations with their loved ones.

  • Even though all our drivers are professionally trained, you may choose to get alerts of over speeding and rash driving directly to your phone or mail

  • Choose to track your vehicles with CCTV cameras recorded either on disk or on cloud for live monitoring.

  • We can also install tamper free panic buttons for all your vehicles.

  • We will ensure all women are escorted back home for all night drops.

  • In case of any complaint, your employees can call our 24/7 complaint lines monitored by our centralized operations center.

Competitive prices with high quality...

We only provide high quality vehicles and services in compliance with all regulations. Our prices are one of the best in the industry, but we are always willing to provide you with additional discounts based on the volume of your requirement. Contact Us to know more about our prices.

We can provide any vehicle you require...

We operate multiple types of vehicles with numerous variations and specifications. We can provide any type of vehicle according to your various specifications- starting from  4 seater sedan, 6 to 7 seater MUV, 12 seater maxi cabs, 13 ,18, 22 ,28 ,32 ,40 ,50 ,55 seater vehicles, and many more. Vehicle model, seats, air-conditioners, body paint are some of the things you can customize for your organization. Click here to know more about the different vehicle you can choose

Use our optimized routing to reduce your overheads...

Our experienced executives and routing algorithms can help you create the most optimum routes to reduce your employees’ wait & travel time and to reduce the cost of empty rides.

Get driven by professionally trained drivers...

All our drivers are professionally trained in safety, customer interactions and first aid. We organize yearly drivers' bootcamps to refresh their knowledge so that they can offer you world class service

Know where your vehicles are at all times...

All our vehicles are tracked and monitored centrally using certified GPS installed in all our vehicles. We can not only provide the location information, but also customize alerts based on over speeding, geo-fencing, etc.

Receive authentic bills and frequent reports

We will automatically send you authentic bills and will also keep you updated on all our KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and provide customized reports as required on the status of vehicle. <What Are the Types of reports>

We take regulations seriously

The government of India places the onus of using compliant transport vendors on you. But don’t worry, we will help you by transparently showcasing our compliance. Being started by a lawyer, compliance to all regulations has been built into our DNA. We stay updated on any new directives by the government and take the extra step to try and be compliant with all regulations applicable to us.

Enjoy the benefits of your own dedicated executive

An experienced SST executive will be entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring all your vehicles are on-time. Our executive will be at your beck and call at all times to assist you with any queries, concerns and urgent requirements

We have a plan for any unforeseen exigency

We take extra care of our vehicles, but at the same time plan for all exigencies such as brake downs, punctures, accidents, etc. Our executives and our operations center have defined continuity plans to arrange for alternative vehicles immediately to make sure your employees are not inconvenienced.

All our vehicles are also comprehensively insured with unlimited liability to the inmates, as per IRDA rules.  

Enjoy special discount for other services

By choosing us as your corporate travel partner, you can enjoy special discounts for the other services in our portfolio. We offer services such as cars and buses for outstation travel, air, bus, train and cruise ticketing, accommodation, domestic and international packages and self drive cars. Click here to know more about our service offerings 

Our Customers

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